Developing an interest within mass-produce-able furniture as my territory of focus. Driven by an interest around accessible design at reasonable prices. Directing my visits toward a broad range of designer distributors to gain an understanding for the differing target audiences as a reflection of cost, from bespoke made-to-order items to readily available mass-productions. Through visiting places like Roche Bobois and Urban suite I began to demonstrating an understanding of materials with regard to cost and availability, whilst considering the quality of the design in accordance to the price. Alternatively by visiting places such as Ikea and Habitat I began to interpret styles of design within more accessible furniture distributors as I displayed a spectrum of design, from the expensively ornate to the afford-ably simple.                                                                                                                             Through Journal analysis I started to grasp other makers attitudes towards idea development and project progression stated through their q and a style narratives. How makers such as Eugini Quitlet state,”I always use play as a way of discovering,” adding,”in addition, it’s a good way to make sure I stay curious.” Overcoming continuous problems with regard to production, Michael Young explains,”he’s always felt constrained by the production methods available in the UK.” Adapting with the times became a key feature throughout the articles, as technological advances have developed bringing new mediums into light, pushing designers to constantly reinvent their practices, combining materials within their designs.                                                                                                                                                     My chosen text,” Deign for a new world,” proposed design theories with regard to the 20th century, as this age of renewal insists the need for constant new design. Reiterating the influence of technological advances as material use progresses. The text consequently got me to consider designs place within society and in tern how design is used to better social needs. Presenting the life span of designs within today’s world as limited, driving me to start considering my own practice and its place within society, so’s not to add to the ever growing stream of meaningless products. Marcel Wanders introduces the relationship between nature and technology as a harmonious tool for design development. A symbiotic relationship mimicked through the works of Eugini Quitlet also, as he demonstrates his Bum Bum Lounge chair, incorporating ,”organic shape, combined with technology”.                                                                                                                      His attitudes towards durable design have initiated the need to consider how my own designs will age, creating lasting relationships between the product and its user. Presenting designers as,”pillars of future development”, has only furthered my interest within accessible design, as I now more than ever believe accessible design is key to delivering social needs met with affordable prices. Proposing design as a tool for social renewal is a theory I’ve fixated around throughout this blog. Using design as a tool to meet the needs of society, designing to better the needs of others, has become a driving influence that’s marked my territory within the furniture industry. This considered, I intend to appreciate product and consumer relationships to design throughout my practice progression, acknowledging the ecology and ageing of products throughout my practice.






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