Extract taken from FX magazine, The business of design, January 2016 edition

  • An influential designer driven by Mass-production methods , technological advances around the world cater to certain practices
  • Motivated by the urge to create mass-produce-able products this designer has traveled the Globe as a means of creating manufacturing relationships
  • Residing in Hong Kong as a full time resident of China he speaks about establishing relationships with manufactures, which grant him “creative freedom” to bring products to market.


  • He expresses China’s Advances on the U.k as his products use materials beyond the production of U.K manufacturers
  • The skills available in china allow him to bring the price point of his designs to an affordable commercial level.

The Less Than Five Chair, designed with Coalesse

  • Article goes on to explain the Designers Journey around the Globe, explaining his advances in different areas dependent on their specialisms
  • Beginning with his first studio in Islington, featuring a workshop where he would make and sell his products


  • Restrictions within the U.k lead him to Iceland in search of further creative freedom
  • Although not finding what he intended, the change of place refocused his initiative
  • Starting to work more with plastics he began forming relationships with other manufacturers in Italy
  • His interest within production meant creating bonds with companies as a form of networking was vital for the progression of his practice
  • Inevitably he redirected again to China and Asia, being the epicenter for mass-production, he was now able to seek new work within an established Asian network


  • After spending the past decade nurturing his establishment within the Chinese market, he’s built up enough reputation to be able to use companies for his own production
  • Using a bicycle company for example to create a chair
  • This means he’s now in a position to be able to push the boundaries of design as they’re evolving globally
  • Lastly finishing on the mention of New-generation designers within industry taking influence from outside country’s as an example of global evolution
  • Demonstrating how each designer can take from global aspects and attitudes to design practice, to combine and revolutionise their way of working as a way of growing with the times as design will inevitably change



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