• Extract taken from Icon magazine’s February 2016 edition

WP_20160315_15_54_47_Pro (2)

  • Self confessed designer dreamer with a collaborative identity
  • Staying curious through playful means of discovery
  • In a childlike fashion re-discovering is his tool for delivering fun and functionality
  • Claims it is important to approach each new project/development as a blank canvas starting from the beginning, as each project is a new discovery
  • Idea processes stemming from initial images , then inspiration spirals
  • Functionality is never considered in the design process as it should be evident
WP_20160315_12_39_20_Pro (2)

Bum Bum lounge chair for Vondom, 2014

  • “Bum Bum”  lounge chair combines organic shape with technology  using integrated Bluetooth to play music,adding a different element to the primary function
  • Inspired by festivity and poetry
  • Structure and function seem to have a symbiotic relationship within this design, one is integrated into the other to produce a new dimension for the design
  • Combination of practices animates his materialistic structures giving them new means
  • Combining technology with nature is a driving fascination that compels his production process
WP_20160315_12_39_36_Pro (2)

Development sketches and the completed Cloud-io chair for Kartell,2015

  • Technological difficulties demonstrated through moulding processes of complex shapes- working with plastic to create flowing design with necessary structure
  • Manipulating the elements of the plastic more than the structural qualities to create a product that has no visible fixed form but through reflective manipulation the structure seems limitless
  • His statement about the Cloud-io explains,” It doesn’t have a physical shape that limits the object, it lets it expand like a cloud. It’s more an effect than a product”.

WP_20160315_12_56_17_Pro (2)

  • Aim is to bring accessible, functional design to everyone
  • Recently designing for Habitat ,demonstrating his works span
  • Attitude is that without accessibility through mass-production design has no standing with the public
  • Views self less of a craftsman sticking to one artisanal, reiterating his identity as a designer signified by collaboration.

WP_20160315_16_00_38_Pro (2)

  • His opinion towards the design scene in different countries gives no mention to the U.K
  • Stating Spain to have a restrictive attitude, treating ideas as problems needing to be solved
  • France taking a more linear approach, if there is a project of interest it will be discussed, analysed and tested
  • He explains how the U.S seem to have a taboo with design as opposed to Germany, where design is made for life, the U.S demonstrate a non-permanent attitude
  • His awareness of the design world and where the world is headed with regards to technological development are a clear reflection of his designs






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