A Swedish home furniture distributor aimed to produce low cost well-designed products at affordable prices. They provide an alternative experience delivering curated designs within the showrooms, allowing the buyer to visualise each product in a suitable alternative setting. Demonstrating how each space whatever the size can be manipulated by the furniture within it.


Masterby step stool £25

  • Designer – Chris Martin
  • Recycled plastic
  • Available in grey and yellow
  • Playful aesthetic, versatile and multi functional design
  • Characterful structure initially attracts viewer, colourful finish appeals to all audiences
  • Low cost and light weight product makes for a mobile design
  • Can be used for seating, shelving or a step stool
  • Simplistic design and use of recycled plastic reflect the price

Besta /Laxviken Tv bench £165

  • Frame- Particleboard, Honeycomb structure with recycled paper filling , Fibreboard, Foil, ABS plastic, Foil
  • Legs- Solid beech , Acrylic paint
  • Storage system with optional combinations to create a solution to suite each space
  • Tactile texture of outer doors creates an effect of shadows and light
  • Adjustable legs, shelves and door opening functions makes this product a versatile design suitable for customization
  • The use of lower cost materials reflect the price
  • When compared to other multi-functional storage systems this product is value for money

Besta shelf unit with doors £61

  • Lappviken Oak effect
  • Frame: Particleboard, Honeycomb structure recycled paper filling, Fibreboard, Foil, ABS plastic, Foil
  • Intended as a shelving unit, also doubles up as alternative seating
  • This design demonstrates the versatility within each product featured at Ikea
  • Placed in the right setting designs become multi-functional, a key feature to Ikea products
  • The price is a reflection of the Particleboard used, as opposed to expensive hard woods, but when versatility and functionality are incorporated this design is value for money.

Sinnerlig stool £50

  • Designer – Ilse Crawford
  • Cork stool in dark brown with a polyester powder coated steel frame
  • Cork is a natural, soft material that dampens sound and is dirt-repellent
  • The organic aesthetic of the material produces natural variations in colour
  • Low cost material means this product is ideal for all audiences
  • Unusual yet inexpensive use of the material forms the SINNERLIG stool cork series

Trogen storage bench £60

  • Designer- J Asshoff & H Brogård
  • Materials: Pigmented Epoxy powder coated Fibreboard
  • Multi-functional seating system, with storage under the lid
  • Cut out handles either side of the bench allow for mobility
  • Designed for children , the lightweight product allows for a child to easily move the bench, whilst having somewhere to store their toys and sit to play with them
  • The lid closes slowly to minimize the risk of fingers being caught
  • Playful design allows the child to engage with the furniture depending on the function
  • This product delivers different functions teamed with aesthetic interest making it both versatile and low cost, an ideal product catered to a younger audience

Pendant lamp £50

  • Designer- David Wahl
  • Blade: ABS plastic, Aluminium coated, Paint
  • Arm: Reinforced polyamide plastic, Aluminium coated, Paint
  • Ceiling cup: Polypropylene plastic
  • Bracket: Polyamide plastic
  • Ball: Aluminium, Chrome-plated
  • String: Polyethylene plastic
  • Adjustable cords allow for light manipulation
  • Pulling one cord draws the structure outwards revealing the inner chrome detail, giving a wider range of light , casting a decorative pattern across the ceiling
  • Pulling the other cord encloses the structure revealing a subtle light where each segment meets
  • Captivating design received a great response from the public after observation
  • Unconventional means of dimming the light make this product a versatile asset
  • Use of materials reflect the price
  •  The intrigue and mobility this product displays creates both ingenuity within design and a compelling interest, combined with a reasonable price this product is value for money


Designing with less impact on the environment.The Lack series is an example of how resources can be made the most of. This Honeycomb style core reduces the amount of raw materials used within products, reducing the amount of waste, whilst maintaining a standard of quality. The use of packing out structures in this way reflects the reduced price.

WP_20160312_13_27_20_Pro (2)

Stockholm Bedside table £70

  • Designer- Ola Wihlborg
  • Materials: Fibreboard table top and side panels, solid Beech legs, moulded Plywood drawer front, solid Ash drawer sides, all painted and finished with a clear acrylic lacquer
  • Adjustable legs allow for altered balance depending on the platform
  • Colourful and fun design appeals to a range of audiences
  • When presented in the right setting to compliment the aesthetic, the striking colour becomes a feature piece


Ikea’s low cost furniture combinations are a key feature to their success. Keeping their designs simple, allowing them to be easily manipulated through few aesthetic details gives each piece individual charm. The series’ of structural compositions are endless providing the consumer with countless combinations to suite their space. They deliver functional design that’s both contemporary and affordable, presenting their products in a showroom set to demonstrate spacial consideration in a relate-able format. Demonstrating to the consumer the versatility of each product set within a variety of scenarios is a key feature to their success, making their products readily available at reasonable prices.

Furniture Reinvention

The answer isn’t always in the new. Sometimes the old can be re-developed with low cost solutions to create a “new” aesthetic.

  • Affordable furniture often becomes simplistically generic
  • With furniture solutions becoming more the same as designs stem from one another, customization is a new technique for reinventing low cost furniture
  • Ikea being a leading distributor , new companies are working with reinventing/personalizing pieces to reduce similarities and bring a new interchangeable aesthetic to furniture.

Untitled (3)

  • Dedicated to the reinvention of the visual
  • Panyl is a furniture covering company working with Ikea products to create wraps for flat surfaces
  • Catered to the DIY enthusiast, Panyl provides the buyer with optional customisation, as a ready to order wrap that’s easily applied
  • As a low cost solution for home-improvement their site demonstrates the possibilities, bringing a modern finish to basic design, giving the buyer freedom of choice and quality of finish

design milk (2).png

  • Combining illustration as a way of reinvention
  • Taking a more detailed approach to the rejuvenation of the finish of your furniture
  • Crossing the boundaries between aesthetic manipulation within surface structures
  • Creating an accessible option for the public to decorate their home
  • Their vinyl covers range to suite the space
  •  Fun and functional option readily available to the public
  • As aesthetic elements are important to creating a sense of individual ownership this product taps into that niche market
fantasy landscape (2)

Design Option $34.50

pretty pegs (2)

  • One of Ikea’s main assets being its versatility within the ranges of products
  • The option to change certain aesthetic details brings another dimension to the design, catering to a larger audience for less
  • Pretty pegs bring a characterful and interactive element to furniture
  • Creating exciting and new manipulations combined with an illustrative aesthetic to reinvent furniture legs
pretty pegs web (2)

Taken from their table legs page : http://www.prettypegs.com/en/42-table

pretty pegs legs (2).png

  • Taken from their mini makeover collection
  • Pretty pegs have teamed up with Sadolin to bring the “RAW” collection
  • With the intention of inspiring small changes to create big differences
  • They have created a selection of untreated legs along with colours, allowing the buyer to create their own impact
  • A choice of 6 Pretty pegs model legs and 8 Sadolin colours form the collection
  • Four legs , your chosen colours and a paintbrush comes to $85

Demonstrating how individuals can interact with the appearance of their furniture putting a piece of themselves into their home design. For low cost solutions the answer is to reclaim and reinvent from the ready available.





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