Furniture Distributor and provider with low cost solutions to homeware. Bringing playful  solutions to a wider audience drawn by the affordable prices.


Oken folding side table £35

  • High gloss Lacquered wood side table with removable tray top
  • Part of the Oken occasional table collection
  • Colourful aesthetic attracts viewer instantly
  • Multi-functional aspect makes product versatile
  • Fold-able design allows for product to be mobile appealing to a wider audience

Bumble side table £65

  • Lacquered wood combining fun and functionality
  • Variety of colour adds wider appeal as the product allows for personal touches
  • Clever storage insert adds to simplistic design without being intrusive to the structure
  • Product is light weight and easily movable, also appealing to a wider audience
  • Product has no intended place within the house, making it a more suited design to any setting
  • Reasonable price combined with variety and storage possibilities makes this product a popular buy without being restricted to a certain audience

Macadam metal folding chair £10

  • Powder coated steel , lightweight portable chair
  • Popular design has been mass produced countless times with minor alterations
  • Familiar design makes this product an accessible seating solution
  • Colour options give this product another element of interest as the affordable design can be personalized to the buyers aesthetic preference.


WP_20160305_11_53_42_Pro_LI (2)

  • Bamboo spun on a lathe
  • Coated lacquer gives sleek durable finish
  • Suspended shade allows for elegant none intrusive design
  • The pendant lamp is a design I’ve seen recreated and reinvented with limitless outcomes
  • The use of bamboo provides this pieces with an intricate spiral work of detail on the inner side of the shade

Wallace floor lamp £180                      Oak floor lamp and table with cotton lampshad

  • This product encompasses Habitat’s style, providing fun functional products that consider the buyer
  • Considering combinations of furniture, reiterating Habitat’s aim to deliver low cost furnishing solutions
  • Combining an end table with a light source making this product multi-functional and easy to place within the home.
  • This style of design creates a unit with an intended function allowing the buyer to visualize the necessity of the design.

Drew bamboo and white Lacquer side table £40

This product demonstrates the difference between bespoke, and retail furnishings. Although the bamboo leg supports are interesting they show a level of design catered to Habitat’s demographic; contemporary structures made from affordable materials. Simpler versions of detailed designs clearly influence their aesthetic whilst using low cost materials to define the prices.








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