A contemporary, modern and designer furniture distributor with an aim to bring sensibly priced European designs to you. They look for products that offer a little more for your money whilst maintaining the same level of quality and refinement.

A key feature being their storage solutions, consuming the wall spaces in geometric systems of storage. My initial interest stemmed from the idea of affordable design versus made to order pieces. The ranges of furniture on display are deemed more affordable.


DLM sidetable by Hay £119

  • Powder Coated Steel in several colours
  • Modern take on the traditional coffee table with tray, handle and legs meaning you can take it with you.
  • Playful yet simple aesthetic draws attention



Butterfly Coffee table by Zanotta £1,200

  • Bent Plywood frame, veneered with natural Oak, Top in tempered plate glass
  • Crafted structure beneath glass creates an interesting depth
  • Intricate and sleek design reflects the price
  • Unusual aesthetic defies the generic coffee table

Panton chair by Vitra £140

Designed by Verner Panton , the last version of the chair was authorised by Verner Panton and produced in a collaboration between Vitra and the designer in the late 1990s. The objective with this design was to create an inexpensive design from one piece of material that could become an industrial product.

  • Sleek design, defies generic chair design
  • Use of plastic as material brings cost down, allows for mass production

Alessi FCO9 Blow up table £155

  • Developed by Campana brothers – Fernando and Humberto
  • Part of “Blow up” series, objects created by the play of shapes created through steel  rods put together almost at random
  • Materials : Steel Rod supports with glass top
  • Unique design reflects price and increases interest

Tempo occasional table £640

  • Produced by Zanotta
  • Veneered with natural or wenge-stained, white or black painted oak
  • Playful structure appeals to a contemporary audience
  • Design demonstrates the craftsmanship gone into the production
  • Relatable structure allows intended audience to make connections

This product demonstrates the sleek stylings of Zanotta. Personally I feel the price of the product should reflect the material and processes gone into the design; I don’t feel this piece reflects that. Although the outcome is simplistically functional with aesthetic interest, I feel compared to other works within the Urban Suite collection the price doesn’t justify the design.

IMG_1590 (1).JPG

Pett Table light £175

  • By Diesel with Foscarini
  • Polycarbonate and Metal , four finishes available – absolute white and black or neon light blue and fuschia
  •  Offering direct light , concentrated on a surface that can be adjusted due to the diffuser joint
  • A playful design catered to a variety of needs and specifications
  • The characterful nature of the structure and the material involved are a leading feature in the justification of the price


Compared to retail furniture distributors its clear that the quality of material and  originality of design are leading factors to the price range. The range of products at Urban Suite display elements of personal qualities reflected through the designers styles. You get a feel for each designer as their products encompass their practice and personal preference. Unlike retail distributors Urban Suit’s  designs combine necessity with spacial consideration creating and innovating spaces through considered designs.





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