Roche Bobois is a renowned leader in furniture design and distribution. Working closely with an eclectic collection of designers internationally, producing ranges of exclusive made-to-order designs.

Roche Bobois’ lower level features colourful contrasts of spacial considerations engulfing the floor in texture and scale. Space is considered throughout the show room  to exhibit the designs in their best setting, matching structure forms and colour schemes to curate a sense of flowing movement throughout the spaces, catered to the aesthetic of the designs.


Lower Level Showroom Featuring : Mah Jong Modular Sofa

Hans Hopfer created the iconic lounge sofa in 1970. This lower level modular seating system encouraged a new way of designing living spaces breaking the mould of generic systems. Originally upholstered in plain fabrics, today its decorated in the finest couturiers. The endless combinations of this seating style have become Roche Bobois’ most recognized design.


Nuage £1,880

  • Roberto tapinassi & Maurizio manzoni
  • Swivel armchair with metal structure Base in gunmetal finish .
  • Two eclectic designers collaborating to create sensuous structures of colourful proportions.
  • Combines fluid structure with crafted upholstery
  • The craftsmanship is clearly reflected through the initial finish of this design, resulting in a striking structure that’s both functional and aesthetically intriguing
  • The combination of architecture within this design reflects the eventual result
  • The ingenuity of this design and craftsmanship gone into this product is a true reflection of the price

Iron Tree  £1,590

  • Designed by Wood & Cane
  • End table with handwoven stainless steel wire on stainless steel structure
  • Intricate detail demonstrates the craftsmanship gone into the process
  • Handwoven process reflects price and gives the product an element of personal interaction and understanding of the material

Saga £2,170

  • Christophe Delcourt
  • Console with top in high resilience matter lacquer finish
  • Base in solid Maple
  • Side panels Oak
  • Original design breaks mould of traditional table supports
  • Product is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing
  • The use  of Oak is a reflection of the overall price of the product

Curl-Armchair     £1,790           Radian   £510

  • Designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni
  • Swivel armchair upholstered in Sonia Rykiel Maison fabrics
  • Seat in Bultex foam with goose feather duvet , back cushion goose and duck feather
  • Base in chrome-plated metal upholstered in leather
  • Seamless design and use of Leather reflects price as the quality of this product sets the design apart from retail furnishings, combining difficult upholstery within the structure
  • Designed by Cedric Ragot
  • Pedestal table in ceramic enamel
  • Organic structure provides aesthetic interest
  • Original aesthetic reflects a higher level of design and understanding of material
  • Reflected by the price

Cedric Ragots’ functional designs have a strong visual identity as this designers practice moves from cosmetics to electronics and from tableware to furniture. His pieces transcend fluid movement and structure. His practice shows no material more prominent than another but his pieces each reflect a symbiotic relationship between material and movement. His consideration for space and how his designs will sit within a space is clearly relevant as each piece is intended to consume and mould the area. Working with Ceramic Enamels’ this artist creates fluid structures with seamless ease.


The designs featured at Roche Bobois demonstrate a level of structural intrigue with advanced material manipulations. The craft behind each product reflects the designers understanding of their practice and the initial pricing. The craftsmanship gone into each piece goes beyond the mass-produced aesthetic of retail distributors putting Roche Bobois’ designs on a more personal level in a league of their own.


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